About Us

The Shop Guyana part of Guyana Social Enterprise (GSE), and the branding of Guyana Big Marketplace (GBM). Our goal is to be a part of the Guyana's effort in reaching Global ecommerce Community. When the Shop Guyana brand was launched, it was our intended for the incorporation of all aspects of Guyana Trade, both imports and exports. Therefore, on Shop Guyana, you will find almost anything from Clothes To Combines. Being a social entrepreneur company, we are dedicated the social development of our community and nation of Guyana as a whole. We are therefore committed to returning a portion of our income on various developmental projects.   

The philosophical foundation of Shop Guyana is one of independence and empowerment, both for us as a small. Shop Guyana continues to search and research global resources to bring our clients the best solution, from Clothes To Combines. Thank you for Shopping with Us.